How to Smile With Braces


It's no fun to wear braces. You can't eat all sorts of foods, and the monthly tightenings are extremely painful. As if that weren't bad enough, braces also make lots of people afraid to smile. Luckily, this is a case of mind over matter. The human body is programmed to smile; it's a natural reaction that makes you feel good. So don't let braces get in the way.

  • Smile with your eyes. It sounds weird, but consider this: The most famous smile in history belongs to the Mona Lisa. Look at the painting; her mouth is closed, and her lips are barely curved. Her smile is in her eyes. People have been thinking about that smile for hundreds of years.

  • Think back to your childhood. Long before you got braces, you lost your baby teeth. You didn't worry about smiling big and wide back then, and you shouldn't now. Braces are common in teenagers, as well as adults, so people probably won't notice them. Even if they do, your confidence and happiness will more than make up for anything your braces take away from your appearance.

  • Use a wry smile, If you're still worried about showing your teeth, keep your lips closed and smile with one side of your mouth. This adds a little attitude to your smile.

  • Just smile. Braces aren't forever, but a happy attitude and good self-esteem are. There's no reason to let a couple of wires and a few tiny pieces of metal get in the way.

  • Get some inspiration. People model themselves after celebrities all the time, so think about this: Gwen Stefani, Tom Cruise, Britney Spears, Prince William and Prince Harry all wore braces long after they became famous. They smiled big and wide on the red carpet, so you should, too.

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