How to Play Gamecube Backups on Wii


With the advent of the Homebrew Channel for Wii, the possibilities for user-made applications on the system are nearly endless. One of the most valuable features of a Homebrew-capable Wii is the ability to play backups of Gamecube titles off of blank media ora USB drive. In order to run backups of any kind on your Wii, you will first need to softmod the system so that it is capable of running Homebrew applications.

Things You'll Need

  • Wii, preferably with system menu 4.2 or lower installed.
  • SD Card
  • Bannerbomb exploit file, available at
  • Hackmii install file, available at
  • Computer capable of moving files onto the SD card

Setting up your Wii for Homebrew

  • First, format the SD card to make sure that it has no data on it, and to ensure that it is running on the correct file structure. To do this, simply right click the icon of the removable drive in your file explorer, the option to format should appear in the right-click menu. Make sure that you choose the "FAT" file structure or the Wii will be unable to read the card.

  • Once the SD card is properly formatted, you'll need to extract all of the files from the Bannerbomb Exploit and the HackMii installation. Its best to extract all of the files to an easily accessible location, such as your desktop. Once the files have been extracted, you will need to move some of them to the SD card. Inside of the HackMii directory you should find a file called "boot.elf." Move this file to the root directory of the SD card. Next locate the folder entitled "Private" from the Bannerbomb archive, move this entire folder to the root directory of the SD card. After both have successfully been moved, you'll be ready to proceed to the next step.

  • Now you're ready to install the files on the Wii. Power up the system, but do not insert the SD card. Navigate to the Wii Settings menu and find "data management." From this screen, select "Channels," and click on the "SD Card" tab. At this point, insert the SD card into the Wii system. A window should pop up asking "Would you like to run Boot.elf?" Select "Yes." A disclaimer window should appear. When prompted, press "1" on the Wii remote to initiate the install. If this window does not appear check your Bannerbomb version and download a different version.

  • You should now be offered a list of programs you would like to install. This list should be: Homebrew Channel; DVDx; and BootMii. First, you'll want to install the Homebrew Channel. Select it, and press "A" on the Wii remote to initiate the install. Once you've completed the install you should be returned to the menu; select and install "DVDX."

    Repeat these steps for Bootmii; it should be noted that there are multiple install types for Bootmii. Any method will be functional for the purpose of running backups, but if you are able to install as "boot2" select this option, as it can make later steps easier.

  • After all three items have been installed successfully, you may restart your Wii. The Homebrew Channel should appear as a selectable channel on your Wii menu.

  • Now install the program for running Gamecube backups. There are multiple programs capable of doing this, but I recommend "Gamecube Backup Launcher," which is available at Once you have downloaded the install files for Gamecube Backup Launcher you'll need to extract them to your SD card. Specifically, you'll need to copy the folder titled "Apps" as well as the file "RVL-mios-v8.wad" to the root of your SD card.

  • Power up the Wii and load the Homebrew Channel. Locate the file called "cMIOS-res1-Installer" from the list of available files, and run it. Select "WAD Installation Mode" in the newly opened program. Select the .wad file for Gamecube Backup Launcher and press the "A" button. This should initiate the install. Once the .wad has been installed you'll be able to select the "Gamecube Backup Launcher App" through the Homebrew Channel. Locate and run the program.

  • Be sure the backup installed to the DVD-R; insert the backup disc into the Wii, then press "A" on the gamecube controller to have Gamecube Backup Launcher automatically detect the best settings and run the game.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember, you'll need to have a Gamecube controller plugged into the Wii to play Gamecube games, and a Gamecube Memory Card in order to save your progress.
  • Not every Gamecube game will run perfectly as a backup; if you are encountering errors be sure to check the configuration options in Gamecube Backup Launcher. Make sure you're running the game in the correct format: "NTSC" for Japanese and US games, "PAL" for European and Australian games.

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