How to Slim Down Your Neck


There are many ways to slim down your neck if you don't like its appearance. From exercise and caloric reduction to firming creams and plastic surgery, there is a solution for just about everyone. Whether you're genetically prone to having fatty deposits only on the throat and neck or you're heavy all over, a neck slimming option is available for you. So when you're ready to make that change you can get that slimmer neckline you've always wanted.

Things You'll Need

  • Firming cream
  • Egg whites
  • Perform neck stretches to help tone the neck area. Sit up straight in a firm chair and look forward. Gently stretch the neck side to side, toward the shoulders, without shrugging the shoulders. Start with the left side of the head and gently stretch the neck toward the left shoulder. Hold for a count of 10. Return to the upright position and repeat 10 times. Repeat the stretches for the right side.

  • Perform neck twists. Sit up straight in a firm chair, looking forward and slowly turn the head to the left as far as you can comfortably do so. Hold for a count of ten. Return the head to the center position and do the same stretch on the right side, holding for a count of 10. Repeat both sides 10 times.

  • Try a firming cream. Many topical cosmetic products such as serums and collagen enhancers are available to help tighten and lift the skin on the neck for a slimmer appearance. Apply to the neck and throat daily area as directed.

  • Apply egg whites. You can instantly slim the neck and throat areas by applying using these. Whip up one egg white until it's frothy and use a makeup pad or cotton ball to apply to the neck and throat. It will feel stiff, but let it dry, and you'll see a visible difference. Apply cosmetic liquid foundation over it if desired.

  • Reduce your caloric intake. If you need to lose weight in the neck area and all over, you may need to reduce the amount of food you eat. Weight reduction via caloric reduction can help you achieve that slimmer neck.

  • Include aerobic exercises and weight training to help boost your metabolism and tone muscles. This option is useful if you are heavy, and it will help to slim your neck and everything else.

  • Get plastic surgery. Neck reduction surgery performed by a plastic surgeon have given many the desired results when everything else fails.

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