How to Pick the Right Jeans for Your Body Shape

Jeans come in all shapes and sizes and, similarly, so do women. Just because a woman is a size 5, doesn't mean that she can pick up any size 5 jean and expect it to fit her. Not only do jeans come in waist sizes, but also in lengths and by different styles such as wide leg, skinny leg, boot cut and straight leg. Although it can be frustrating, taking the time to pick out the right style of blue jeans for your body shape can ultimately be rewarding.

  1. Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans

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      Purchase the skinny jean to highlight what few curves you do have, if your torso, legs and hips are very slim, which is frequently referred to as having a rectangle figure. The skinny jean will highlight what few curves your body has and give you a more hour-glass-shaped figure. According to the Shape Your Style website, the top 2009 blue jean trend is the skinny jean; however, if you have wide hips, it will not flatter your figure by purchasing a pair.

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      Purchase a pair of jeans that are low rise and boot cut if you have an hourglass figure, with a lot of curves. Having an hourglass figure means that the width of your shoulders and hips are about the same, but your waist is a lot slimmer in width. Purchasing this time of blue jean will allow the jean to sit low on your waist and really flatter your figure. The boot cut leg will make your body look very even, while if you were to purchase a skinny leg jean, it would add more weight to your thighs.

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      Find a pair of jeans that have a very wide leg if you have broad shoulders, narrow hips and a flat rear end, which is typically referred to as the apple-shaped figure. The wide leg will add the illusion of a fuller rear end and thighs. Look for jeans that have button-flapped back pockets to add fullness to your rear end.

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      Purchase a jean that has wide, boot cut ankles is you are slim in the shoulder and stomach area, but heavier in the rear end, hip and thigh area, which is referred to as a pear shape. This type of jean with the wider ankle will make your hips look smaller. Also, find a jean that has fading on the rear end, as this will create a slimming illusion as well.

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