How to Wax a Treadmill Belt


Most treadmills require a yearly application of belt lubricant to reduce friction between the belt and the treadmill's deck. Lubrication reduces the wear and tear on your machine’s other components and can help you avoid costly repairs. The type of lubricant used depends on your specific model. Some need a silicone formula while others require wax. Many newer models do not require any lubrication as their decks are made with materials that don't need it or are pre-treated. Check with your instruction booklet or the manufacturer's guidelines to verify all lubrication needs.

Things You'll Need

  • Treadmill belt wax or lubricant
  • Treadmill
  • Towel or Large Rag
  • Paint Stick or Ruler
  • Diluted cleaner

Preparing the Belt for Waxing

  • Check with your user's manual or manufacturer to determine necessity of lubrication and the type of lubricant needed. Also check for any specific guidelines pertaining to the application of wax for your specific model of treadmill.

  • Warm up belt by running treadmill for five minutes.

  • Stop belt, turn off power and unplug treadmill.

  • Take a clean towel or rag and slide it under the middle of the belt, pushing it through to the other side with the ruler or paint stick.

  • Grab ends of towel sticking out from both sides under belt and drag it back and forth from front to back to remove any debris under belt. Remove towel when done.

Applying Wax

  • Lift up the left side of the treadmill belt towards the front cover of the machine and hold it up.

  • Apply wax. For liquid, squirt or spray lubricant onto the deck. For granules or powder, sprinkle about a teaspoon onto the deck and blow gently to distribute it.

  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 again on the bottom of the deck about 18 inches from the end of the machine. Repeat all steps the same way on the right side of the machine.

  • Plug machine in, power it on and begin walking on it at one mph for one minute. Increase speed and continue walking to evenly distribute wax under belt.

  • Stop treadmill, turn power off and clean any excess wax from sides of the deck using towel and diluted cleaning solution.

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