How to Wrap a Broken or Fractured Wrist


Wrist sprains are common physical injuries that occur when the wrists are subjected to trauma that bends the joint too far in any direction. If trauma is severe enough, the bones in the wrist can be broken or fractured. Initial treatment of a broken wrist should include resting the wrist, elevating the hand above the level of the heart, icing the injury and wrapping the wrist to prevent swelling. Wrapping a broken wrist can help provide some stability and compression before seeing a doctor to get a cast or brace.

Things You'll Need

  • Compression bandage
  • Bandage clamps
  • Unroll the compression bandage and set the clamps aside.

  • Wrap the bandage twice around below the bony part of the wrist. As you wrap, make sure to stretch the bandage out slightly to maintain some tension, but don't wrap it too tight like a tourniquet.

  • Continue wrapping the bandage around the wrist several more times, and proceed up the wrist as you wrap.

  • Wrap the bandage around the back of the hand and over the palm twice, so that the bandage travels between he thumb and index finger. Wrapping around the hand will help prevent the bandage from shifting around and losing tension.

  • Continue wrapping the bandage up and down the wrist until you reach the end of the bandage.

  • Apply two bandage clamps to the end of the bandage to keep it in place. To apply a clamp, first stick the teeth in the loose bandage end then pull on the clamp until the end is taut and press the teeth on the other end of the clamp into the wrapped wrist.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the wrap feels too tight, unwrap the wrist and start over.
  • Wrist wrapping is also useful to compress and support sprained wrists.
  • Wrapping wrists is good for the initial treatment of an injury, but for most wrist fractures, a cast or other more permanent stabilizing measure should be applied.

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