How to Build a Balcony in Sims Complete Collection


Why should your Sims be forced to spend all day indoors when they can enjoy their fresh virtual air from the comfort of a second floor balcony? "The Sims Complete Collection" features every expansion pack of the first game in the series along with the same building tools that made the game a hit. Creating a balcony taps further into your architectural imagination; just be careful that it doesn't tap too far into your Sim's wallet, or you may end up controlling the destinies of digital squatters.

  • Load up a game or build the first story of your house. Once complete, open up the "Build" menu and select the "Stairs" icon. Choose a set of stairs and place them on the first floor of your house.

  • Select the "Second Story" view mode on the left side of the toolbar. The second story of your house encompasses the entire first story's surface area plus one extra square of space on all sides.

  • Add flooring and drywall to your second story. Don't worry about leaving any room for the balcony, as this will be built as an addition onto the house. Return to the "First Story" view.

  • Choose the spot where you want the balcony to be located. After it has been selected, choose "Pillars" from the build menu and set them up on the first floor of the house, under where your balcony is to be located. Each pillar can support a three-by-three area of flooring, so keep this in mind when adding your supports.

  • Head up to the second story and select flooring for your balcony. Notice that the area above the pillars is grayed out, meaning that you can now build your balcony over the beams. Click and drag your mouse over the balcony area to lay down the flooring.

  • Select the "Fence" option from the "Build Mode" tool bar and choose a low fence for your balcony railing. This will add decorative appeal though your Sims won't ever leap off an unfenced balcony. Click and drag your mouse around the perimeter of your balcony to set the fence. Your fence should cover three sides of the balcony with drywall covering the fourth.

  • Choose an entry for your balcony from the "Doors" option and place it on the drywall between your house's interior and the balcony. Now enter "Live Mode" and your Sims will make their way onto your new balcony.

Tips & Warnings

  • Balconies can wrap around your house and include grills for barbecuing or activities to entertain at parties. Customize your balcony's look and purpose to suit your needs.
  • A glitch in the game allows you to remove the pillars once your balcony has been built, making your new addition freestanding. Simply click on the pillars and select "Delete."

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