How to Control Voles or Moles


Voles, also called field mice, orchard mice, or meadow mice, are controlled using steps similar to ordinary house mice. They are ground dwellers who often damage small trees. Their habit of using shallow underground runs are often mistaken for moles; however, vole runs do not extend out into the yard. Moles are responsible for the vast network of tunnels in yards. A mole's diet consists of grubs and worms which means they have nothing to do with tree damage. Baiting and trapping moles are the only effective control; both, however, are a lengthy process.

Things You'll Need

  • Mole bait
  • Mouse traps
  • Mole traps

Controlling Voles

  • Trap voles as you would ordinary house mice by placing baited traps in lower levels of your home and/or outside.

  • Place traps in areas of known activity particularly along walls and areas where they exit their runs outside. Ensure that traps placed within reach of people and pets are contained so that only the vole can get into it. Many traps are available today that are designed for this purpose.

  • Prevent mice from entering your home by ensuring that all seals are intact and have no gaps. Pay particular attention to door seals, especially the garage. Fill other gaps using a combination of mesh wire or steel wool and caulk or foam because mice can chew through caulk or foam by itself.

Controlling Moles

  • Walk the areas where moles are active to find active tunnels (try not to step on them). Moles use their primary tunnels repeatedly and dig exploratory tunnels in search of food which are seldom used twice. You need to find their active runs by partially collapsing a small area of suspected tunnels using two fingers and mark them. Tunnels that have been repaired within 48 hours are active and can be baited or set with traps.

  • Bait the active tunnels using Talprid (link below) by sticking a single finger into the tunnel(s) and slip in the worm bait length wise; gently cover the hole(s). Care needs to be taken to not contaminate the bait with your scent, so wearing gloves is necessary when handling and applying the bait.

  • Trap the mole using a scissor jaw, harpoon, choker loop or plunger style trap (Victor link below is for the plunger style trap). All of them are effective when placed correctly; follow the instructions that come with the style you choose.

Tips & Warnings

  • Read and follow all information on the label of pest control products.

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