How to Control Severe Itching


Itching is an irritation of your skin, which makes you want to scratch. When you keep scratching, your skin becomes severely itchy and the cycle continues. There are various reasons why itching appears in the first place. Severe itching can be generalized, wherein your entire body itches often or localized, meaning it affects a single body part. Severe itching can lead to excessive scratching of the skin which results in redness and inflammation. Severe itching may be caused by dry skin, stress, sexual transmitted diseases (STD) or prolonged sun exposure. By employing all the methods below you can effectively control severe itching.

Things You'll Need

  • Antihistamine
  • Calamine lotion
  • Moisturizing lotion with menthol
  • Ice pack
  • Use over-the-counter antihistamine. This medication acts by blocking the effect of histamine, a naturally occurring compound in your body which causes redness and itchiness to happen. Avoid taking these medications when driving, since they can cause dizziness. Read the instructions that accompany the medication for proper use.

  • Apply calamine lotion to the areas that severely itch. This ointment can help soothe and cool your itchy skin, making it less irritated and less itchy. Gently massage the lotion to the affected areas twice a day or as directed.

  • Massage a moisturizing lotion with menthol moisturizing lotion onto the affected skin. The active ingredients of a moisturizing lotion together with menthol can help cool and sooth the severe itchiness. In addition, it can help prevent any rashes associated with the itch from cracking and drying up. Apply the lotion before going to bed and at the first sign of an itch.

  • Apply an icepack to skin areas that severely itch. The coldness from the ice can suppress the itching areas while helping you resist the urge to scratch. Apply the ice pack directly to the affected skin areas for 20 minutes or whenever needed.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the itching is accompanied by a fever or difficulty breathing, you must consult a physician immediately.

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