How to Plant Foxtail Palm Seed


Foxtail palm trees have beautiful weeping pale green foliage. They perform best in warm areas such as southern Texas, Florida and California. Foxtail palms produce large red clusters of fruit with seeds inside. Planting a foxtail palm by seed is not a difficult process as long as you prepare properly. If you have the correct knowledge on how to plant the seed initially, you will have a sprouted foxtail palm within two years.

Things You'll Need

  • Foxtail palm seed
  • Knife or sandpaper
  • Pot
  • Potting medium
  • Plastic bag
  • Shovel
  • Fertilizer
  • Gather fully matured seeds from the fruit of the foxtail palm. Make shallow cuts in the seed coat or rub it with sandpaper.

  • Fill a pot with at least six inches of a potting medium made up of two parts perlite and one part peat. Cover the seed with a quarter inch of potting medium.

  • Keep the medium moist and use a plastic bag to keep the atmosphere humid. Change the bag if mold begins to grow.

  • Wait for the seed to germinate. This can take anywhere from a month to a year, but usually takes from one to three months. To increase the speed of germination, place a heating pad heated to 90 degrees F underneath the pot.

  • Transplant the foxtail palm once the seed has germinated in the early spring or summer. Choose an area with full sun and well-drained soil. Dig a hole the depth of the root ball and twice its width. Place the palm in the hole and refill, packing down the soil.

  • Apply a two- to three-inch layer of mulch around the base of the tree. This will improve water retention, keep weeds at bay and protect the roots.

  • Water the foxtail palm keeping it moist, but not soaked, for the first four to six months after transplantation. After it is fully established, weekly watering when dry will help the palm to flourish.

  • Apply a palm fertilizer once a month in the growing season. Foxtail palms often develop potassium deficiencies, so use a slow-releasing fertilizer that is heavy in potassium.

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