How to Dye the Bottom Section of Your Hair

Whether you want to create a dramatic effect or subtly add dimension, dying the bottom section of your hair could be the answer. The key to this process is sectioning your hair correctly before applying the hair color. When using at-home hair color, never go more than two shades lighter or darker than your current shade. By following a few simple steps, you can save some money and achieve salon-quality results without leaving your home.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair color
  • Comb
  • Towel
  • T-shirt
  • Hair clips
  • Hair ties


    • 1

      Put on an old T-shirt.

    • 2

      Section off the top part of your hair by making a part behind each ear and clip this top section to the top of your head.

    • 3

      Gather the bottom section and place a hair tie around the hair.

    • 4

      Remove clip from top section of the hair to ensure the top section falls evenly.

    • 5

      Clip top section to the top of your head.

    • 6

      Lay a towel on the floor and wrap a towel around your neck.

    • 7

      Put on gloves and mix the hair color.

    • 8

      Remove hair tie from bottom section of hair.

    • 9

      Apply hair color to the bottom section of hair. Start at the tips and work up to the roots.

    • 10

      Time the hair color per instructions.

    • 11

      Rinse out the hair color while keeping the top section out of the way.

    • 12

      Condition your hair.

    • 13

      Dry your hair and style as usual.

Tips & Warnings

  • Read and follow all instructions on box of hair color.
  • Avoid getting mixture in eyes.
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