How to Write Stories For Cash


Writing freelance stories, also called pieces or articles, is a way to turn your words into cash. Articles may appear in printed publications or online on websites. You earn cash either through upfront payments, when the article has been accepted, or through revenue sharing of money earned from ads shown on the same page as the article. The expectation is that visitors reading your article will click on ads, generating small amounts of money for the revenue-sharing setup.

Upfront Payment

Find clients by researching “writers wanted” on classified-ad online sites. Type the keywords “content writers” in search engines. Visit content-sharing websites to search for potential jobs. Carefully read the contract and the terms of service.

Compose a resume that covers your experience writing, any publication credits, your education and areas of interest.

Read several of the posted articles that interest you until you are familiar with the style, word count and formats.

Write an article to use as your submission piece. You will be evaluated on the quality of your writing and grammar and the manner in which you engage the reader. Use the same article as a writing sample for each content site if the submission requirements are similar.

Complete the application(s) for the site(s) for which you are applying.

Set up a PayPal account if you do not have one. PayPal is used as the payment venue by the major content sites. If you do not open an account, you either will not be accepted or will be unable to receive payments.

Select titles for your first article about which you are somewhat knowledgeable. Read the content guidelines and follow the correct format. Become familiar with the style guidelines. Write to the title -- not to what you wish the title to mean. Proofread your early articles very carefully; there may be a trial period in which your first articles are scrutinized closely to determine whether or you may continue writing for that site.

Revenue Sharing

Find content sites that share revenue with their content providers.

Sign up or register according to each site’s directions.

Find topics that are “hot” and will attract traffic by researching websites that analyze and compile data about Web search trends. Find the top keyword phrases for which Web users search. “Evergreen” topics include those that solve common problems, such as how to lose weight, how to train a dog to stop barking or how to get your ex back, and personal-finance topics, such as debt settlement, how to avoid foreclosure and debt reduction.

Write articles using the keyword phrase once in the title, as well as once in every paragraph or every 100 words. The ad code picks up on the words used in your article, and search engines rank the article, at least in part, on keyword usage.

Compose the article in a standardized structure. Introduce the topic, discuss why it is important and give an overview of four key points of the topic -- all in about 100 words. Expand on the four points in separate subsections of about 75 words each.

Tips & Warnings

  • Read and understand any revision requests. It is your choice to complete the revision, unless your contract says otherwise. Understand what has been edited to help you improve as a writer. Set goals for yourself -- either a dollar amount or a number of articles written.
  • Plagiarism, duplicate content and repurposing content are forbidden at most content sites.

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