How to Choose a Male or Female Cat


According to the SPCA, International, a cat has very few basic requirements, including one litter box per cat, food, veterinary care and grooming. While you may have decided that a cat is the best pet for you, as they are ideal for children over 5, seniors, busy people, apartments or condominiums and rural homes, according to SPCA, you may be questioning which gender is better for your home: male or female. Here are a few ways to help you decide.

How to choose a male or female cat

Consider pros and cons. Susan Daffron said that, while individual cat's personalities may vary just as humans do, male cats are often more friendly, referred to as “cuddly lap cats.” She notes that a major disadvantage to male cats is spraying. Spraying is marking ones territory with urine. Daffron said that, while sometimes more distant to humans, a female cat is far less likely to spray.

Consider how many cats you want. According to's Animal Planet, if you plan to own more than one cat, gender should be considered. Daffron suggests owning pets of the opposite sex.

Think about the kind of behavior you want in a cat. Males are often more outgoing than females. Behaviors in an unsterilized cat are more marked than those that are sterilized. According to Animal Planet, the male cat, for example, is more territorial than a female. An unspayed female, however may portray more anxious behaviors when in heat, such as yowling or pacing, as she is searching for a mate.

Consider costs. The SPCA only notes one major difference in the gender of cats. The site recommends male cats eat food that helps prevent urinary tract blockages. Some food brands can be costly. The health problem is more predominant in males, and blockages can become expensive if not prevented or caught in a timely manner.

Consider potential personality clashes. Daffron notes female cats are better at mousing than males. With either gender, however, she said that cats are mostly individuals. Both male and female cats can be companions and make good pets. Neither gender is better than the other, technically speaking. Additionally, a cat's personality may change over time. With age, his or her traits may change.

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