How to Build a Trellis for Dragonfruit


Dragonfruit is a bright pink fruit that grows in South America from a cactus. It is called pitaya to the locals, and received the name dragonfruit from the red hue of the skin. Dragonfruit is also known as strawberry pear, and can come in white flesh varieties, as well as red. The dragonfruit cactus is a tall, tree-like plant that requires little watering and sunlight exposure. The cactus grows thick, massive branches, or vines, that can weigh down the trunk and cause harm to the overall health of the plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Four 6' 2x4" boards
  • Six 10' 2x4" boards
  • Two 5' 2x4 boards
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Saw
  • Measuring tape
  • 10x10' lattice
  • Drill screws into the 10' board to a 6' board at the corners, using a 90 degree angle. Drill another 6' board to the other end of the 10' board, using the same 90 degree angle. You should have a rectangle shape with only three sides. Repeat these steps to make another 3/4 rectangle. These two will be placed on opposite sides of the tree, and termed north and south pieces.

  • Connect the north and south pieces by drilling screws into the ends of a 5' board at the corners, keeping a 90 degree angle. This is the west side. Connect the east side of the trellis with the last 5' board, making a whole rectangle around the cactus.

  • Measure the spaces beneath the branches, to fit in the remaining 10' boards for support. Saw divots into the boards if they rub too closely to the cactus. Space boards out at least 6" apart to provide sturdy support for the dragonfruit tree.

  • Screw in the lattice to the backside of the trellis to create a decorative appearance. You can lattice the sides and front as well if you prefer.

Tips & Warnings

  • You may want to adjust the height of your boards depending on the maturity of your dragonfruit cactus. A young cactus may not be 6' tall yet, however, a mature tree may reach 8' tall. You can stain or paint your boards prior to building the trellis with low VOC paint and eco-friendly stains. Never paint the trellis while it is set up around the cactus. You may get harmful chemicals too close or even on the plant itself.

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