How To Print Your Own Address Labels for Wedding Invitations


Printing your own address labels for a wedding can save time and money, as well as allow for a much fuller range of creativity and control. You might even have some fun.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Word processor
  • Printer
  • Special address label paper
  • Open your computer's word processing program. This is typically Microsoft Word or the Macintosh equivalent.

  • Tell your word processor to format in a label style. Depending on what word processor you have, or even what edition you own, you can do this in several ways. The most common one is to go to the "Page Layout" tab, where there should be an option for "Labels".

    If this option does not exist, you can find mailing options under the "Tools" menu on some programs. As well, settings for mailing labels may also be found in the printer settings, under the "File" menu.

  • Format your label option to fit the style of labels you bought. Most manufacturers have standardized their labels to fit a small number of popular options and these correspond to options available on your computer's menu.

  • Design your labels. Since these are wedding labels, you might want choose a formatting that allows you to include a picture.

    A unique font also goes a long way. Microsoft and Apple computers both include a number of elegant fonts in their standard word processors. If these are too common or not expressive enough, there are a number of free font downloading sites available on the Internet, such as

  • Set your printer to print on picture settings. This can be done by accessing the Print Settings Menu under the "File" tab. On some high end printers, this option is also available as a button on the top or front of the printer itself. Please note, photo print settings may be under the "Advanced" option on the printer settings screen. This will ensure that your printer uses enough ink to make you labels look the best they can.

    After printing a test sheet, make sure the labels and the paper lined up like they were supposed to. If they didn't, you can make minor adjustments to the paper holding tray on the printer. If need be, you may have to adjust the design on the computer. The most common problem is extra spaces or tabs that throw off the alignment of the design.

    If it's a major alignment issue, double check to make sure you told the printer the correct type of label sheet in Step 3. If that isn't the issue, yo may need to adjust your margin settings. You can do this by accessing the "Page Layout" menu under the "Tools" or "Options" menu, depending on what program you have.

Tips & Warnings

  • Unless you bought glossy label paper, don't use the gloss setting on your printer, the ink with bleed and distort on the paper.
  • Print a test page first. Use low quality printer settings. This will ensure that you don't waste ink while you make sure everything lined up properly.
  • Experiment with borders and other flourishes to make your address labels as special as the wedding their being used for. Buy larger labels to give you room to truly make them memorable.
  • If your word processing program doesn't give you enough freedom, don't be afraid to experiment with photo or picture editing software like Photoshop. These programs also include label printing settings.
  • If you are unable to find a font you like, programs exist that allow you to create custom fonts or even make your handwriting into a font. These programs require a moderate amount of familiarity with computers and font editing but it would make an excellent project for the super creative bride and/or groom.
  • Take care to load the label paper properly in your printer. While a normal paper jam is bad enough, getting a small sticky label caught in your printer can be disastrous.

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