How to Conserve Water in School


Water is the very essence of our earthly existence. Every creature, and the ecosystem they thrive in, are majorly composed of water and depend on water for its daily functions. As a result, water needs to be used wisely. Thoughtless waste of water could bring about dangerous imbalances in the functioning of nature. You can conserve water by using less water for your daily activities and recycling waste by using it for functions other than drinking. You can use water carefully indoors as well as outdoors. Follow these simple pointers in and around your school to help conserve this precious resource.

  • Check all the faucets and plumbing regularly, and fix them as soon as you notice a leak.

  • Check all toilet flush tanks for leaks by adding a coring agent to the tank. If you see color streaming down the bowl without flushing, there is a leak. Fix the leak immediately to avoid wasting water. The largest consumers of water in schools are the toilets.

  • Place a plastic container full of pebbles in the flush tank to reduce the amount of water used with each flush. Doing so can save five to 10 gallons a day per tank.

  • Wash dirty cafeteria dished by hand. Doing so allows you to use much less water than a dish washer.

  • Place mulch in and around trees and plants. This slows down evaporation and allows you save 750 to 3000 gallons a month for irrigation.

  • Water the school lawns, plants, and trees when the weather is cool and evaporation is very low. Dawn is a good time to water.

  • Avoid mowing the school lawns too often. The shorter the school grass, the more evaporation occurs. Instead, when mowing, set the mower blades higher. This helps to keep the grass higher, preventing too much evaporation. This may save your school save 500 to 3000 gallons a month.

  • Keep school swimming pools covered when not in use. This helps prevent water from evaporating, and also requires less cleaning than if left exposed to the elements.

  • Create flyers and hold classroom awareness discussions on what students can do to help conserve water while at school.

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