How to Write a Well-Written Essay

One of the best ways to learn how to write an essay is to browse through quality essays that have been written by others. The most important skill required for a person to be an accomplished essay writer is that he or she should exhibit patience and care when writing essays. The following steps will help facilitate the writing process.

Things You'll Need

  • Essay template
  • Style gide (MLA, APA or Turabian)


    • 1

      Write with a natural voice. Novice essay writers are often tempted to use advanced vocabulary to sound like a knowledgeable expert. Unfortunately, fancy words are no substitute for engaging content.

    • 2

      Capture a reader's attention. Essay writing is a creative process. While crafting an essay requires a writer to obey certain rules of structure, this process also requires a writer to communicate ideas in a way that will pique a reader's interest.

    • 3

      Organize your ideas prior to writing the first draft of your essay. These ideas will later be solidified into its thesis, introduction, body and conclusion. Rather than rush to verbalize your ideas as you are busy formulating them, give yourself time to develop these ideas. Then, form these ideas into the sentences that will comprise your essay.

    • 4

      Always follow proper mechanics when you write essays. Spelling errors or misuses of punctuation, though minor mistakes, are likely to stick out like sore thumbs to an essay's readers. GRE essays, for example, are graded based on one's "facility with the conventions of Standard Written English (grammar, syntax, and effective expression)."

    • 5

      Use in-text citations to demonstrate the fruits of your research. While well-researched essays should contain citations, well-written essays should contain numerous in-text citations. These citations should be inserted discreetly into the body of an essay, and serve to reinforce a writer's authority by illustrating his reliance on the authoritative studies of others.

Tips & Warnings

  • Write your work in segments that do not necessarily need to be composed in chronological order. This will facilitate the editing process.
  • Although research is an important part of the writing process, do not plagiarize those whose works you study, either by quoting directly or by stealing their crucial ideas.
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