How to Cultivate Jiaogulan


Jiaogulan is an herb native to China and other parts of Asia. It has been grown and cultivated for many centuries, loved by locals there for its medicinal properties. Jiaogulan is thought to help with the immune system, cholesterol difficulties and motion sickness.

Cultivating jiaogulan, like many other herbs, is a process of constant climate control and careful soil care. Protecting the root system and proving warmth and enough water are key to keeping jiaogulan healthy and productive.

Things You'll Need

  • Jiaogulan seeds
  • 1 square foot of land per plant
  • Nutrient-enriched top soil
  • Water
  • Concentrated, water-soluble fertilizer
  • Tiller
  • Till the soil to a depth of 4-6 inches. Keep the soil loose and light; packing will only stunt root growth. Add the top soil evenly to give the plants a healthy beginning.

  • Moisten the ground lightly, do not let it get soggy or sticky. Dig a 3-inch wide hole, 6 inches down. Place these holes one per 12 inches. Set the seeds into the ground, only after you are sure there will be no more frosts, and cover with excess soil.

  • Water the soil only once per week. After the jiaogulan has sprouted, add the concentrated fertilizer to the water and spray out onto the ground. Do not water while the sun is overhead; the water will not be absorbed by the plant.

  • Prune plants to stay within their own square foot of space. Overlapping can cause stress on stems and rivalry for sun and nutrients. Trim back any vines that are brown or broken, trim back branches at their parent stem, which have grown past your desired length.

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