How to Increase Sperm Production in Dogs


Knowledgeable breeders and show dog enthusiasts often desire to breed dogs that show excellent conformity and personality traits. Boosting a dog's sperm count before he is mated with a suitable female can increase the chances that the breeding will be successful.

Feed your dog a diet rich in nutrients. A raw diet is always best, but any veterinarian-recommended dry dog food will increase your dog's health and thus his sperm count.

Exercise your dog. He should receive at least an hour of dedicated exercise, such as leash walking or active play with you or other dogs, each day for optimum health and sperm count.

Keep your dog away from contact with household chemicals and lawns that have had a pesticide or fertilizer application in the last month. Harsh chemicals can negatively affect sperm count and motility in dogs.

Allow the dog adequate rest of at least two days between breedings. Overbreeding reduces sperm count and does not give the spermatozoa adequate time to develop, meaning they are less active and therefore less likely to fertilize a female dog's egg.

Take your dog to the vet if his sperm count continues to be low for no apparent reason. Often there will be an undiagnosed infection or other problem that can be solved with veterinary care.

Tips & Warnings

  • Dogs should only be bred if there is a legitimate reason to do so, such as continuing the line of an especially decorated champion sire. Breeding simply because you find puppies cute and breeding purely for profit contribute to the continuing overpopulation of companion animals.

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