How to About the iphone warranty


To some people, the iphone warranty seems a bit tricky. Here are some simple answers to some of the most asked questions.

How long does the iphone warranty last? 1 year and if you receive a replacement iphone during that time, apple gives a 90 day extension to your current warranty.

Is there a limit to how many replacement phones I can receive? No. It does not matter if it is your 1st or 100th.

  • What if my warranty is over, and my iphone becomes defective? If the warranty runs out, your phone will not be covered. There are a couple options available, though. Apple may be able to give you a discount on a new or refurbished iphone and you may be able to purchase an extended warranty.

    Are there certain things that apple won't cover in their iphone warranty? Yes. The most common is water damage. The iphone as a Liquid Submersion Indicator (LSI) installed into the iphone. If this indicator absorbs water, it changes color thereby voiding the warranty. When you bring your phone into the apple store, an apple service technician will check the LSI. If your problem relates to an internal issue not related to their list of known defects, your issue will not be covered. There have also been a number of people reporting that high humidity will trigger the indicator. Best advice; don't leave your iphone in the bathroom when you're taking a shower. Apple will also not cover a cracked or broken screen, or any other problem caused by misuse. However, the three most common ways apple can blame the defect on you are: water damage, jail breaking, and physical damage. There are plenty of defects that apple is responsible for, but if you commit any of these three, apple will void your warranty and you'll be responsible for purchasing a new phone.

    My phone has a defect or problem. How do I file a claim with apple under the warranty to receive a replacement iphone or to fix the problem? You have 2 options. You can either call apple directly or you can go into the apple store and speak to an "apple genius." By calling apple, they will first ask you to identify the IMEI number located on the back of your phone. You can explain the issue you're having and they can tell you if it is covered under the warranty. If it is, they'll ask to you to send it in to them and they'll either fix the issue, or send you a replacement phone. If you have time, though, many recommend going into the apple store directly. The easiest way to do this is to register your phone on the apple website. In doing this, you can then make an appointment at an apple store, and have someone look at the phone in person.

    There are at least 18 well known defects for the apple iphone. Many of these can seriously disrupt the phones ability to function, therefore prohibiting the person from even using the phone. These defects may require a complete replacement:

  • Bluetooth: iphone owners have trouble connecting or maintaining connection
    Some iphone owners experience these Bluetooth problems and can fix them on their own using the troubleshoot website from apple. Others have been unable to solve the problem, therefore requiring a replacement phone or a fix from apple. If you haven't tested your Bluetooth capability, it is highly recommended you do so before your warranty runs out.

    External Speaker: the external speaker does not work or sounds muffled.
    It may sound as if you have your headphones plugged in even when it's not. It may be a speaker issue, or a headphone jack issue. If suspect these issues, bring your phone into the apple store.

    Headphone: sound issues
    Many complaints ranging from sound issues with headphones, no sound, intermittent sound and more have been reported from iphone owners. If you think you may have a sound issue, bring your phone into the apple store.

    Battery: one of the more common and extensive issues.
    It's tough to establish what constitutes a defective battery because there can be several different reasons and ways the defective battery may operate. Some of the more popular issues with a defective battery are: overheating very easily, inconsistent power monitoring, and poor battery life even though the battery is relatively new. Apple states that a new iphone battery should last at least 400 complete charges. If your battery is inconsistent with any of the above mentioned defects, you should make a strong argument to apple that your battery is defective. If your battery is ruled defective, apple will replace the battery, which is extensive and usually takes a couple days.

    Proximity Sensor: turns off the iphone when it's placed near your ear.
    The proximity sensor automatically recognizes when you put the phone to your ear, and it turns off the screen. If it's working right, it should always do this while placing and receiving calls and the screen should turn back to normal when you either end the call or remove the phone away from your ear. Some users have also noticed the inability to use the touch screen while making a call. If you notice that the proximity sensor is inconsistent with any of this, it is most likely a defect of the sensor itself.

    Dead Pixels: color inconsistency
    In the past, apple had a wonderful policy on screen defects, but recently, there have been reports that users are being turned away for small, pixel inconsistency.

  • Buttons or Switches: mechanical
    Buttons and switches do wear out over time, but for the most part, apple views defects of this sort as intentional and as a result of neglect or damage. Apple geniuses will be reluctant to replace your phone for this reason especially if you have physical damage visible on the phone.

    Wi-Fi: inconsistent connections
    The most common problem with Wi-Fi connectivity has to do reselecting your Wi-Fi access point whenever the phone goes to sleep. The phone should maintain the connection even when it sleeps. Also, when you connect to a Wi-Fi network, in your home for example, and although you are connected there, your phone may revert to 3G or edge. Most connection problems you will face when trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network will be a result of defect within the phone. It could be the antenna defect, or something within the phone itself.

    Text, Reception & Time:

    Some users report getting delayed text messages from 2 minutes to 30 minutes and also problems receiving call directly (the phone does not ring). Other users have reported the iphone clock having trouble keeping the right time.

    Camera: functioning issues
    Some users have reported color tints in photographs, not a result of sun or lighting distractions. Others have reported a wide range of issues, ranging from the camera not working at all, to color problems. It is very easy for an apple genius to diagnosis this issue.

    Physical Defects: factory and assembly
    Although most physical defects are a result of the user, there are some exceptions. A button that is misshapen is a result of factory defect. Most of these are very obvious.

    GPS Problems: accuracy and functionality
    Many users have noticed an inaccuracy associated the iphone GPS system. A wide range of issues have surfaced, but the most widely reported are: complete non-functionality, intermittent functionality, and regularly inaccurate. This is due to the GPS locator being defective and requires complete replacement of the iphone.

    Screen coloration: usually right portion of screen
    When the phone heats up, many users have reported a discoloration on the screen. Most times this occurs after a long conversation or extensive screen usage. Most users report either a white spot on the screen or a yellow spot. This issue increases in severity over time, so it's a good idea to bring in the phone as soon as the issue arises.

Tips & Warnings

  • Find the best warranty for your iphone.
  • Lowest price for warranty doesn't guarantee great coverage.
  • Protect your phone with a low cost monthly warranty

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