How to Get an MRI With Braces on Your Teeth


The prospect of needing a neck or head MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image) can be intimidating, especially if you wear metal braces on your teeth. However, by providing your doctor, orthodontist and MRI technician with all applicable information, you will receive the best image results possible.

Before, During and After Your MRI

  • Ask your doctor if your MRI can be postponed until your braces are removed.

  • Speak with your orthodontist about replacing braces with ceramic or removable appliances if regular diagnostic tests are required.

  • Discuss the risks of incomplete or inaccurate results with your doctor to determine if an MRI is a good investment of your time and money while wearing braces.

  • At your MRI appointment, notify the technician of your braces. He will make necessary modifications to produce the most accurate images possible.

  • After your MRI discuss your results with your doctor. MRIs have difficulty producing correct images when metal is present in the scan area. Your doctor may find the test inconclusive and another MRI may be needed.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you require regular diagnostic testing discuss this with your orthodontist before having braces implanted. She may suggest ceramic appliances, which may produce better MRI images.
  • Braces do not pose a health risk for patients having MRIs.

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