How to Care for Kwanzan Cherry Trees


The Kwanzan cherry is a fruitless cherry tree with stunning pink blossoms. It's one of the flowering cherries famous at the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. The Kwanzan is easily damaged by pests and pollution and has an average life span of 25 years. Although you can do little to change its natural life span, you can keep the tree generally healthy by heeding its soil, sun and water requirements and pruning away damaged wood.

Things You'll Need

  • Sapling
  • Potting soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Stakes (optional)
  • Purchase a Kwanzan cherry sapling from a garden nursery.

  • Find a full sun location for your cherry tree. The tree is hardy to zones 5 to 9 and can survive in sandy, clay, acidic or wet soil, but it does need a well-draining soil.

  • Dig a hole twice as large as the cherry sapling's root ball. Plant the tree in the hole and loosely cover with rich soil.

  • Water the cherry sapling. Give it water once a week for the first month and thereafter once the topsoil around the tree is dry.

  • Inspect the Kwanzan cherry tree annually for damaged wood. Although the tree's wood is delicate and should not be pruned regularly, you will need to cut off diseased or damaged limbs to protect overall tree health.

  • Place the tree on a regular fertilizing schedule after the first year. An organic fertilizer with high amounts of potassium and phosphorous or a fish emulsion is recommended.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consider staking your Kwanzan sapling for the first few years until it is well established.
  • Call an arborist if you think your cherry tree has a disease or fungus. Several fungicides are not registered for noncommercial use or are prohibited in certain areas, so it's best to get a professional opinion on treating your Kwanzan cherry.

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