How to Kill Mold in a Garden


Garden molds come in a host of varieties. The most common type of garden mold is the "dog vomit" mold, which is yellow and lumpy in appearance. No matter the type of mold you have in your garden, you can get rid of it with a few days of vigilant treatment.

Things You'll Need

  • White vinegar
  • Tea tree oil
  • Garden sprayer (bottle that attaches to a garden hose)
  • Garden hose
  • Garbage bag
  • Shovel
  • Lift the mold from the garden soil with your shovel. Do this slowly and carefully, to avoid spreading too many spores. Place the mold into a garbage bag, and tie the back shut to avoid the spread of more spores.

  • Fill your garden sprayer bottle with white vinegar. Most grocery stores stock 5 percent white vinegar. This is fine if it's all you can find. Some stores, however, also sell white vinegar in a 9 percent acidity concentration. Use the 9 percent if you can find it.

    Attach the sprayer to the garden hose, and turn on the water. Thoroughly water the area of your garden that had the mold in it. Be sure to douse the surrounding area, as well, because some of the spores may have traveled.

  • Allow the vinegar and water solution to saturate the ground, and leave it to dry. The acid of the vinegar will help to kill the living mold spores left in your garden.

  • A day or two later, when the soil in your garden has dried, place one tsp. of tea tree oil in your garden sprayer. Tea tree oil is a natural plant-based anti-fungal, which will treat the soil and keep garden mold and fungi at bay. Once again, attach the garden sprayer bottle to the garden hose, and spray the garden bed as before.

  • Your garden will be safe from mold for at least the rest of the season. If you see other molds growing in subsequent seasons, repeat the same process.

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