How to Install HHA Sights on a Compound Bow


HHA Sports archery sights are machined from solid aluminum and can be installed with just two screws to most popular compound bows. There are some adjustments that must be completed for the system to work as it is intended, but experienced archers will have the sight working in no time. Like all archery sights it will need to be sighted in, so you need to have access to a range to complete the installation. Simply bolting it on is not going to make it accurate, but here are a few steps to help you get your HHA sight ready to use.

Things You'll Need

  • Allen wrenches

Mounting the sights

  • Attach the mounting plate of the sight to the riser of your bow using the two cap-head screws that come in the kit. There are several sets of holes in the mount, so choose the two that fit your bow the best.

  • Lower the adjusting bar on the sight to allow the slide to sit in the highest position possible. Clearance is critical and this will maximize it. The arrow must not touch the mount or scope as it passes it.

  • Mount your scope or aperture to the mounting plate. Mount it as high as possible on the bracket for the best clearance. If it is too high to be comfortable, move it down one hole at a time until it feels right to you.

  • Sight in your bow at a range that will allow for 20- and 60-yard ranges. The accuracy of the bow will depend on how well you sight it in. Take your time and follow the specifications for HHA to get it dialed in correctly.

Adjusting the sights

  • Adjust the windage (right to left) setting on the sight first. Fire several arrows down range at 20 yards, noting the impact on the target. If the arrow is left of the target area, turn the adjustment knob clockwise for a right-handed bow or counter-clockwise for a left-handed bow. If the arrow impacts right of the target area, turn the adjustment knob counter-clockwise for a right-handed bow or clockwise for a left-handed bow.

  • Fire several more arrows down range and note the position on the target again. Continue this process until the windage is centered. Fire three to four arrows in each group to allow for consistency.

  • Adjust the elevation of the sight by firing another group of arrows down range for 20 yards. Note the position of the arrows on the target and move the adjustment bar up or down to bring the elevation in. When you achieve a solid group in the target area at 20 yards, mark the position of the pin on the adjustment bar. Note the number on the tape at this position.

  • Move to the 60-yard position. Fire another group of arrows down range and adjust the bar up to bring the scope down. Continue this until you have a solid grouping at 60 yards. Lock down the adjuster pin and note the number on the tape at 60 yards.

  • Subtract the 20-yard number from the 60-yard number to get the difference. This number will be the number of the yardage tape that you will be installing on the sight. The kit comes with a large selection of them and they all have a number assigned to them.

  • Select the proper yard-indicator tape from the kit and apply it to the sight so that the 60-yard mark lines up under the pin that you locked down after sighting in at 60 yards. Fire arrows from different ranges to verify that the sight is accurate; if it is on, you are all done.

Tips & Warnings

  • The sight system from HHA Sports is a precision system and must be set up correctly or it will not be accurate. Make sure you sight in on a marked range so that you are absolutely sure of the ranges.

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