How to Beat Big Boo's Balcony on Super Mario 64


Super Mario 64 is a fast-paced adventure game for the Nintendo 64. Nintendo DS also featured an enhanced version of the game. Super Mario 64 takes players to a variety of environments as they complete tasks such as racing the clock, racing other opponents, solving puzzles and defeating menacing monsters. One of those monsters is Big Boo, leader of the various ghosts players encounter around the castle. Big Boo's haunt is a lined with a series of quests players must complete--one of which is defeating Big Boo's Balcony, a series of tricky jumps the player must make before the showdown with Big Boo.

  • Enter the haunted house. Go up the steps to access the second floor.

  • Turn right. Enter the door farthest down. Walk past the bookshelf and look to the left. You will see a small platform.

  • Jump to the platform and perform a triple jump to access the hidden floor above it. To do a triple jump, position Mario so he is facing the wall. Run toward the wall, jump on the wall and quickly press "A" to jump. Mario will turn around in midair and connect to another wall that is higher up. Again, press "A" quickly. He will do the same once more; press "A" again just as he touches the wall. It may take some practice to get the timing right.

  • Enter the first door. This will lead you to the balcony with Big Boo.

  • Keep away from Big Boo. Position Mario so that he is facing away from Boo when he charges. When Big Boo stops, double jump (tap "A" twice) and do a ground pound (press "A" and then "R"). You can only get one ground pound off at a time before you have to wait for Big Boo to charge you again. You will defeat Boo after three ground pounds.

  • Break the red box nearby. This will fill Mario with air, allowing you to float to the roof to get the star that Big Boo dropped when he was defeated.

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