How to Beat Yunalesca on Final Fantasy X


"Final Fantasy X" is a role-playing game released for Sony's PlayStation 2 video game console. It was the tenth title in the "Final Fantasy" series of games. As you play through the game, you will invariably come into contact with a boss character called Lady Yunalesca at the Chamber of Faythe in the Zanarkand Dome. Lady Yunalesca has three distinct forms that will all pose great danger to your team of characters. However, with a little bit of preparation, you'll find that the good Lady will be a bit of a pushover.

  • Engage in random battles to level up your party as much as possible prior to encountering Lady Yunalesca. If you're the type of player who avoids random fighting in an RPG, Lady Yunalesca will be very difficult. If you've been leveling up naturally throughout the course of the game, you shouldn't have much of a problem.

  • Stock up on spells and items like reflect and various types of armor prior to the fight. Lady Yunalesca will cast the zombie spell on as many of your characters as possible, so be prepared for that with a barrage of health spells and items.

  • Cast the reflect spell on as many of your characters as possible. This will make Lady Yunalesca's attacks bounce off of your characters and slowly drain her hit points.

  • Refrain from curing all of your characters once Yunalesca begins to cast the zombie spell. If you cure all of your characters of zombie, she will retaliate with an attack that will automatically kill your entire party. Cure two of your characters from the zombie spell, as Yunalesca will cast the curaga spell in an attempt to kill you. Since two of your characters will no longer be affected by zombie, curaga will heal them.

  • Follow a basic strategy of causing as much damage to Yunalesca as possible while simultaneously healing your party when the occasion arises. Eventually, Yunalesca will fall and victory will be yours.

Tips & Warnings

  • Yunalesca's three forms use similar general attacks, but her hit points differ from form to form. Her first form has 24,000 HP, her second has 48,000 HP and her final form has 60,000 HP.
  • As you enter battle with Yunalesca's third form, she will instantly cast the mega death spell, which kills all characters immediately. However, Aeons are immune to mega death, so have one cast before Yunalesca's third form appears.

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