How to Say Hello ,Thank You, Yes and No in 9 Foreign Languages While Traveling in Western Europe


If you're traveling in Western Europe, most people are multilingual and many people speak English. However, it's a great courtesy to address people in their native language and it's really helpful to know a few basics in a foreign language.

The nine foreign languages most commonly spoken in Western Europe include Dutch, French, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. Learning to say a few words -- hello, thank you and yes -- in each language will give you a way to show your appreciation for your hosts' cultures.

In Dutch, say:

Hello: Hallo (pronounced: HAH-low) Thank you: Dank (pronounced: DAHNK uu) Yes: Ja (pronounced: YAH) No: Nee (pronounced: NAY)

In Finnish, say:

Good day: Hyvää päivää (pronounced: HUU-vaa PIGH-vaa) Thank you: Kiitos (pronounced: KEE-tohss) Yes: Joo (pronounced: YOH) No: Ei (pronounced: AY)

In French, say:

Hello: Bonjour (pronounced: BOHN-zhoor) Thank you: Merci (pronounced: mair-SEE) Yes: Oui (pronounced: WEE) No: Non (pronounced: NOH)

In German, say:

Hello: Hallo (pronounced: HAH-low) Thank you: Danke sehr (pronounced: DAN-keh zayr) Yes: Ja (pronounced: YAH) No: Nein (pronounced: NINE)

In Italian, say:

Hello: Buon giorno (pronounced: bwohn JOHR-noh) Thank you: Grazie (pronounced: GRAHT-tsyeh) Yes: Si (pronounced: SEE) No: No (pronounced: NOH)

In Norwegian, say:

Hi: Hei (pronounced: HEY) Thank you: Takk (pronounced: TAK) Yes: Ja (pronounced: YAH) No: Nei (pronounced: Nai)

In Portuguese, say:

Hello: Olá (pronounced: O-la) Thank you: Obrigado (pronounced: Ob-ree-GAH-doo) If you are a woman, say: Obrigada Yes: Sim (pronounced: SEE) No: Não (pronounced: NOW)

In Spanish, say:

Hello: Hola (pronounced: OH-lah) Thank you: Gracias (pronounced: GRAH-syahs) Yes: Si (pronounced: SEE) No: No (pronounced: NOH)

In Swedish, say:

Hello: God dag (pronounced: Good dahg) Thank you: Tack (pronounced: TACK) Yes: Ja (pronounced: YAH) No: Nej (pronounced: NAY)

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