How to Replace Door Boot Seal On Front Load Washing Machine


This article shows step by step photo instructions on how to replace the door boot seal of a common GE brand front load washing machine.

The washing machine in this example is the GE and the door boot seal is part# WH08x10036.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips head screw driver
  • small socket wrench
  • 7mm socket
  • replacement door boot seal
  • lots and lots of patience
  • Unplug washing machine and remove dispenser.

  • Remove lower front cover by removing 3 screws holding it on bottom.

  • Remove screws connecting top control panel to front of washer.

  • Remove 3 screws holding top panel on back of machine and slide cover back approximately 1 inch and lift off.
    Completely remove control panel from front panel.

  • Use bungie cord to tie back control panel.

  • Feel for the tension spring which tightens the door boot seal onto the front panel.
    'Pop' off the tension spring being careful not to bend or break it.

  • With tension spring removed, pull door boot seal away from front panel.
    On GE models, pull the right-hand side of the seal tight to reveal the inner tension ring holding the seal onto the inner part of the washer.

  • IMPORTANT: Use a short stem philips head (such as a Husky No. 2 x 1-1/2 In. Phillips Screwdriver) to loosen the inner tension ring via its clamp screw.
    NOTE: you may have to remove the front panel to gain access to the tension ring. If that is the case, remove the front panel by removing the screws positioned at each corner (four screws total). On some models you may have to first remove a lower-front panel to gain access to the bottom two screws of the main front panel.

  • Remove the existing door boot seal being careful to feed out the two tube connections.

  • Slowly feed in the replacement seal. You will feel the 'lip' on the plastic casing around the metal washer tub that the seal needs to fit onto. You know you have it right when the tub can spin freely without rubbing or contacting the the seal.


    Position the replacement door boot seal, careful line up the tube connections, but DO NOT CONNECT the tubes yet.

  • Fit the inner tension ring over the door boot seal and reconnect the tubes through the seal.
    IMPORTANT: make sure the clamp screw is placed on matching its original position. You need the room on the right hand side to tighten the screw with the small screwdriver.
    The door boot seal should have a raised area indicating where you need to line up the tension ring.


    Take your time and tighten the clamp while you curse the six sigma black belts at GE who failed to design this part correctly.

  • Replace the front panel of the washer and tighten all four screws.
    Feed the door boot seal through and position it over the outer lip of the front panel.
    Replace the outer tension ring and work backwards replacing the top of the washer and the front control panel.

    Enjoy clean clothes until the door boot seal rips again!

Tips & Warnings

  • I found taking photos helped me remember where all the screws went!
  • a helper may be needed to remove the front panel and hold parts out of the way
  • While you have the covers off it would make sense to remove and clean the pump strainer mounted on the lower cross support - this can be messy with lots of water coming out so go slowly and have plenty of towels and a shallow pan to catch the water with.
  • always unplug the washer before beginning work
  • have a towel or paper towel ready to clean up any water that spills from the door boot seal

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