How to Cut Composite Hockey Sticks


Composite hockey sticks are made of a lightweight composite material, which is more durable than wood. Generally, they come in two parts, the shaft and the blade. The length of these shafts must be customized in order to fit the height of the player that will be using them.

Things You'll Need

  • Saw
  • Table vise
  • Hockey tape
  • Sand paper
  • Eye protection


  • Measure the amount of the shaft that needs to be removed. Do so by standing the stick on its blade next to its owner. Sizes vary based on position and preference, but a good standard is at the person's shoulders when he is standing flat-footed.

  • Mark the point at which the shaft needs to be cut off.

  • Remove any extra tape that may have been added to the stick.

  • If it is a two-part stick, remove the blade.

Cutting the Shaft

  • Place the shaft in a table vice, firmly placing the vice about one inch away from the intended cut point.

  • With slow, controlled movements, saw the blade cleanly at the cut point. Make care to avoid a jagged or uneven cut.

  • Sand away any jagged edges produced during cutting.

After Cutting

  • Apply tape to the end of the stick, covering up any sharp edges and providing a gripping point.

  • If you're using a two-part stick, reinsert the blade.

  • Test the stick's performance, as cutting can often alter it. Be careful, as a modified stick can be more prone to breakage.

Tips & Warnings

  • When cutting a hockey stick, less is more. You can always remove more, but you can never add more, so be cautious and always stay on the safe side.
  • Cutting a composite shaft can seriously impair intended performance.
  • Be careful when using a saw, as an uncontrolled movement could cause injury to yourself and others. Children should only use such dangerous tools with supervision.
  • Wear eye protection, as the fibers from the stick composite can be thrown while cutting.

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