How to Successfully Breed a Dog


Dog breeding can be a very interesting hobby or business to delve into. Though there is excitement with each new litter, there are also many challenges that must be overcome in order to breed properly and successfully. Successful dog breeding is something that does not just happen. It takes a certain amount of planning, whether you have both the male and female dogs or not. In most cases, you should have ample time to get ready, as long as you understand certain things about the female dog.

Watch for the female dog's heat cycle. From the time she goes into heat, it will be approximately six months before she goes into heat again in most cases. Though this timeframe may vary somewhat, it remains fairly consistent.

Prepare for the stud ahead of time, especially if you are not the owner. If you are hiring a stud, then it is important to make arrangements with the owner well in advance. Knowing that it takes six months from the last heat cycle is very important so that arrangements can be made with the stud's owner.

Bring the dogs together if possible before the heat cycle begins. While this may seem like a trifle, it could be that the dogs simply will not get along. Knowing this before the heat cycle makes finding a replacement much less hectic.

Choose a location for the mating to occur where both dogs can be easily and comfortably watched. While you may use kennels, they should be kennels with ample space where the dogs can walk around, not the portable or overnight kennels some people often use.

Make the dogs available to each other for mating approximately 10 to 14 days after the heat cycle begins. At this time, the bloody discharge from the female should have stopped, making her extremely fertile and often very receptive to the male's advances.

Continue to allow the dogs to interact with each other every 48 hours until the female no longer is receptive to the male. The dogs should be supervised during this period just to make sure there is no aggressive tendencies on the part of either dog.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not be concerned by the dogs' inability to separate themselves during the mating process as this is a normal.
  • If there is a problem with a female conceiving you can have her checked out and even try artificial insemination.

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