How to Draw a Mexico Flag


The flag of Mexico is best known for its colors: green, white, and red. The colors have symbolic significance. Green is said to symbolize hope or independence, white is the purity of the Catholic faith, and red symbolizes the bloodshed of the national heroes in their fight with Spain for independence. Also on the flag is the national emblem, an eagle sitting on a cactus while eating a serpent. Drawing the flag will require the right colors and an example to follow.

Things You'll Need

  • A picture of the Mexican flag
  • Blank white rectangular piece of paper
  • Colored pencils or medium of choice
  • Ruler

Drawing the Flag

  • Find a picture of the Mexican flag and study the details. Turn a rectangular piece of paper on its side so that it is in the landscape position. This means the longer side of the paper is on the top. Divide the paper into three equal columns using your ruler. Draw lines very lightly on the paper using a pencil to indicate where the columns are.

  • Color the column to the left green. It is a deep shade of green, almost forest green. Leave the middle column blank as it is white, and color the right column red.

  • Draw a circle in the middle of the white column, so that it is equidistant from the top and bottom, and from the left to right. The circle should be almost as wide as the column, and it represents the middle third in terms of height. Use a very light stroke with the pencil to draw the circle, as the line should be erased when finished. It is only used for placement of the emblem.

  • Draw a small ribbon in the national colors (green, white, and red) at the center of the bottom of the circle. Coming out from either side of the ribbon are green leaves. Draw a string of green leaves along the outside of the circle until you reach the center, or the widest point of the circle.

  • Take your blue pencil and draw a small puddle of water, symbolizing a lake, above the ribbon. Draw a rock on top of the lake. The rock looks like a small tan pillow on the flag. Growing out of the rock is a bluish green cactus, or a prickly pear tree. Draw a small stump coming up from the rock. The cactus extends a little bit to the right, and more to the left, growing up along the inside of the leaves. Draw three red growths, or pears, on the cactus.

  • Observe the position of the eagle. Use a yellow pencil to draw the claws. One claw is perched on top of the cactus, and the other is holding the serpent. The body and feathers of the eagle are brown, and it is facing the green column. Draw the wings behind it, forming the upper right quadrant of the inside of the circle.

Tips & Warnings

  • Drawing the emblem will be the most challenging part. Make sure to study the details in the picture you are using as a guide. Also use the circle and draw to scale. Note how big the items in the circle are in relation to the circle.

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