How to Change the Color of Highlights


Adobe Photoshop helps you create, manage and restore an image. You can change the color of highlights in Photoshop for an entire image or just a part of it. Highlights increase or decrease the intensity of shadows and mid-tones within an image if it's too light or dark. You can emphasize features or details of a photograph by changing the highlight colors, make a dull photo more radiant or change the mood of a photo from warm to cool and vice versa. The following instructions are specific to Adobe Photoshop 7.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Photoshop 7
  • Open Adobe Photoshop and the image you want to update using the file browser. The image will be placed onto the canvas.

  • Duplicate the image so you can have the untouched version (in case you make a mistake.) To duplicate your image in the "Layers" palette, make sure the layer you want to duplicate is selected. Then choose "Layer, Duplicate Layer" from the toolbar (shortcut: "Ctrl+J" for Windows or "Command+J" for Mac). The duplicated layer should now be selected in the "Layers" palette. Select it if it isn't.

  • Select "Image, Adjustments, Color Balance" to add highlights to the entire image. In the "Color Balance" dialog box, select the "Highlights" option to work with highlights. You will see three color levels under "Color Balance." The first box handles the highlights for cyan and red (to add/remove cyan or red tones), the second handles magenta and green (to add/remove magenta or green tones), while the third handles yellow and blue (to add/remove yellow or blue tones).

  • Make sure that "Preview" is checked, so you can see the changes as you are applying them to your image. Leave "Preserve Luminosity" checked to maintain your image's tonal balance.

  • Drag the sliders or enter the number into the color level's box until your image looks the way you want. You'll see your image as it changes in the background.

  • Leave the color levels for the other colors at zero (if you'd prefer to only add or remove a particular color) and click "OK" to accept the changes.

  • Use the "Magic Wand" tool (shortcut: W) to select parts of your image to which you want to add highlights. After you have the sections selected, click on "Image, Adjustments, Color Balance" and add highlights to the chosen areas. Repeat steps 5 and 6 and click "OK" when you are finished.

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