How to Paint Your Concrete Patio


Painting your concrete patio can literally change the entire look and feel of your outdoor area. Painting the patio adds a layer of protection to the concrete, specifically preventing moisture from leaking in and strengthening the overall durability of the patio. The concrete will need to dry completely before you begin to paint.

Things You'll Need

  • Soap, any kind
  • Scrub brush, durable
  • Wire brush (optional)
  • Brick mortar (optional)
  • Cement putty (optional)
  • 2 garbage bags, 10-gallon
  • Concrete sealer, moisture barrier protection
  • Roller brush, large
  • Concrete paint
  • Prepare the patio by cleaning it thoroughly. Use a mixture of soap and water with a scrub brush. You may need a wire brush to clean any bird excrement completely off the patio. Do not take short cuts. If the patio is not fully cleaned and cleared of debris, the moisture in the residues left behind will eventually cause the paint to crack and flake.

  • Fill any cracks or holes in the dried concrete with brick mortar or cement putty and allow them to dry before you continue. If you leave cracks or holes in the patio, eventually water will seep into them, freeze them during the winter and cause more cracking to occur.

  • Put the paint tray into a plastic bag and pour concrete sealant into the paint tray. The concrete sealer should have specific labeling as a moisture barrier. Roll the large roller brush into the tray, coating the brush with the sealant.

  • Start at the farthest corner away from the patio door and begin to coat the concrete evenly with sealant. Reapply sealant to the roller as often as necessary. Paint your way backward, toward the patio door to avoid painting yourself into a corner. Allow the sealant to dry.

  • Remove the plastic bag from the paint tray and apply a new plastic bag.

  • Examine the patio and sweep away or wash debris off the patio. If the patio is wet, you must let it dry completely before you begin to paint.

  • Pour the concrete paint into the tray.

  • Roll a new clean roller brush into the tray, coating the brush. Begin at the most-distant corner from the patio door and work your way back toward the patio door. Reapply paint to the brush as often as is necessary. Allow the paint to dry completely. The concrete patio is now painted.

Tips & Warnings

  • Full drying time for concrete is roughly 28 days if no chemical enhancers were added to help speed the drying process during the building phase. Consider netting off the patio with mosquito netting before you begin working, as it will decrease the likelihood of having bugs land in the paint during the drying process. Paint your patio in warm and dry weather, whenever possible.
  • Be sure to read all mixing and care instructions for both the sealant and paint you choose. Some sealants come as a sealant-and-paint combination. Read the labels carefully prior to purchase. Use any safety equipment recommended by the manufacturer, such as safety goggles or rubber gloves.

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