How to Get a Bend Out of a Cutting Board


Cutting boards are used as a cutting surface to prevent your kitchen counters from getting scratch marks. Wooden cutting boards need to be taken care of in a certain way, or they will bend and warp. When water dries faster in one spot of wood than in the area beside it, this can cause the wood to warp. This imperfection sometimes repairs itself before you even notice the problem, but bad warps need some assistance in order to straighten out.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Clamps
  • Examine the cutting board. One side will be concave, or cupped in. The other side will be rounded out like a balloon. Lay the board down so the cupped side is facing up.

  • Fill a clean, empty spray bottle with water. Spray the cupped side of the cutting board with water. Use enough water so that the board is moist to the touch.

  • Put the cutting board on a table, counter or any other object that it can be clamped to. Make sure the cupped side still faces up.

  • Clamp the cutting board to the surface tightly enough that the board lies flat again. It is best to put one clamp on each end of the board.

  • Let the cutting board sit for at least five hours. This will give the wood enough time to dry and reset its "memory."

Tips & Warnings

  • Hang a cutting board up to let it dry. If this is not possible, prop the cutting board up against the wall. This will ensure even drying, thus eliminating the risk of future warps.

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