How to Make Christmas Pom Pom Santas

Pom pom Santas are an easy Christmas craft that is ideal for kids of all ages. With just a little glue and time, you can create a whole army of these little Santas. They make excellent gift toppers or decorations for school/work desks, and can be strung to hang on a Christmas tree.

Things You'll Need

  • Large red pom pom (3 inches or bigger)
  • Medium pink (or skin-toned) pom pom (1 inch or bigger, according to size of large red pom pom)
  • Tiny red pom pom
  • Red felt
  • Black felt
  • Yellow felt
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Cotton ball
  • Glue (i.e., craft glue, hot glue, super glue)


    • 1

      Glue the pink pom pom onto the top of the large red pom pom.

    • 2

      Glue the googly eyes and the tiny red pom pom onto the pink pom pom to create Santa's eyes and nose.

    • 3

      Cut a 3-inch circle out of red felt, then cut it in half. Glue the straight edges of one half-circle together to create a Santa hat, then glue this hat onto the pink pom pom.

    • 4

      Cut two small circles (about 1/8 inch) out of black felt. Cut a 1/8-inch-wide strip out of black felt as well, long enough to wrap around the red pom pom.

    • 5

      Glue the long strip of black felt around the red pom pom to create Santa's belt. Then, glue the two black felt circles to the red pom pom to look like coat buttons.

    • 6

      Cut a 1/4-inch square from yellow felt, and glue it in the middle of the front of Santa's belt to make his belt buckle.

    • 7

      Fluff out the cotton ball, and then glue it to the place where the pink pom pom and large red pom pom meet to form Santa's beard. If desired, pull off a tiny piece of the cotton and glue it to the end of Santa's hat.

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