How to Write a Receipt of Sale for a Car

This type of receipt is accepted at many DMVs. The last step includes an example of what your receipt should look similar to.

Things You'll Need

  • Pen (blue or black ONLY)
  • Paper


    • 1

      To begin, write, "Date of Sale: (insert correct date)." The correct date refers to the day the receipt was made and/or the day the sale was made. This is extremely important as it provides to the tag agency and others the actual date that the event occurred. Make sure you are using a pen with either blue or black ink. You must use the SAME pen for the entire receipt and to make a duplicate if requested.

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      Next, write the description of the vehicle. Include the car's serial number, the title's identification number, what kind of car it is, it's color, as well as any other identifying information you may have. If you buy a car that had items in it, such as a shoe or other objects, make sure to include that those items were with the car and not forgotten about or stolen.

      Include how much was paid for the vehicle.

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      Next, you will need to make a space near the bottom of the page for signatures. Make sure to include printed names and signatures of BOTH the buyer and seller. Having the date written next to the signatures is good to have. If possible, have contact information listed for each person in case if one or the other party is needed for further identification.

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      Now, witnesses to the sale of the vehicle should sign below the purchaser's and buyer's signatures. There should be at least one witness in case a conflict arises in the future. Keep in mind, the more witnesses you have, the better. It's not necessary to have more than five witnesses though.

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      As an example, a receipt should look something similar to this:

      Thursday, November 12, 2009

      Receipt of Sale of:

      1989 Honda Accord
      Title No. 1234567890
      Vehicle Identification Number: qwertyuiop1234567890
      For the price of $600.00 (six-hundred dollars and zero cents)

      Signature of Seller
      Tom Smith
      Printed name of Seller
      Tom Smith

      Signature of Buyer
      Jane Smith
      Printed name of Buyer
      Jane Smith

      Witness(es) signature(s) and printed name(s).

      Bob Smith Bob Smith

Tips & Warnings

  • if your pen runs out, START OVER. Don't try to use a different pen half way through the receipt. The DMV will not accept a receipt with two different colors of ink.
  • Use a good pen. This is an important document.
  • If you decide to not make a receipt, keep in mind that the vehicle can still be reported stolen in some states. A receipt is your proof that you purchased the vehicle.
  • Make sure to have insurance before driving.
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