How to Create Floral Arrangements Using an Eiffel Tower Vase

Before buying floral arrangements from your local flower shop, consider creating floral arrangements using an Eiffel Tower vase. The vases are a favorite choice for floral arrangements due to their various sizes, shapes and colors. It is essential to shop around at local retail stores and online for wholesale flower vases to get the best price. It is often cheaper to create your own floral arrangements because you are cutting out production costs.

Things You'll Need

  • Eiffel Tower vase
  • Flowers
  • Flower foam
  • Floral tape
  • Scissors


    • 1

      Decide on an Eiffel Tower vase style. The height and width will affect the size and amount of flowers you can place in the vase.

    • 2

      Choose flower types that accent the occasion. It is important to decide if you will use silk or natural flowers. Select flowers that are in season, and decide on the appropriate colors of the flowers.

    • 3

      Pick a mass flower for your floral arrangement. The mass flower will be the focal point of your floral arrangement. Since the Eiffel Tower vase is narrow, try to stick with one to two mass flowers. Common mass flowers include long stem roses, tulips and daisies. Ensure that the flowers have a long enough stem for the vase.

    • 4

      Choose line flowers for your Eiffel Tower vase. Line flowers are common in these vases due to their height. Line flowers help accent the mass flower. Use tall flowers such as cattails, snapdragons and gladiolas for Eiffel Tower vases.

    • 5

      Select filler flowers for your Eiffel Tower vase. The filler flowers fill up the empty space in your floral arrangement. They usually consist of a cluster of flowers on one stem. Baby's breath and ferns are examples of filler flowers used in arrangements.

    • 6

      Secure the flowers to the vase. Eiffel Tower vases need balance when sitting on a flat surface because they can become too heavy. Cut out floral foam to fit into the top of the vase, and hide the foam by overlapping the flowers. You can also use floral tape to secure the flowers to the vase.

    • 7

      Add embellishments to the vases. Decide to add water to the vase, fill the vase with crystals or add lights. Add embellishments around your vases, or combine vases in various heights for a floral centerpiece.

Tips & Warnings

  • Ask your local flower shop for help in creating floral arrangements. They often are willing to give you tips and free advice.
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