How to Convert Grams to Grains


A gram is a metric unit of weight and mass. The metric grain is a weight unit. The grain is a decimal unit of weight based on the gram.

Medications given in the hospital, nursing home and other health-care settings can be ordered in metric grams or metric grains. Confusing grams and grains could result in a significant medication error or even death.

The abbreviation for a grams is g.
The abbreviation for a grain is gr.

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  • Remember that a gram is equal to 15.4323584 grains. The grain can be rounded off to 15. Multiply the number of grams you have by 15 to get the number of grains.

    1 gram is = 15 metric grains.
    1 g. X 15 = 15 metric grains.

    3 grams is = 45 metric grains.
    3 g. X 15 = 45 grains.

    5 gram is = 75 metric grains.
    5 g. X 15 = 75 grains.

  • The process of converting grains to grams is completed by division. Divide the grains by 15 to get the number of grams.

    75 grains divided by 15 = 5 grams.

    75 grains is equal to 5 grams.

  • Use a calculator to check the multiplication and division of the conversion from grams to grains and grains to grams.


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