How to Get an Absolutely Free VIN Check

An absolutely free VIN check can give you some facts about your car history. While it is not a complete report it will tell you whether the car has been stolen, or had a salvage title issued (in some cases). A totally absolutely free VIN check now also offers flood damage information. You can get this report free.

Things You'll Need

  • VIN number
  • Free VIN check site
  • Used car


    • 1

      Locate the VIN on your car. It is located on the car's dashboard near the windshield or along the side of the door frame on the driver's side. Write it down so you can enter it when you get your absolutely free VIN check.

    • 2

      Visit the National Insurance Crime Bureau website or another free VIN check site to get your report. This report will be absolutely free so don't pay for one.

    • 3

      Enter the VIN into the appropriate field and click to submit. You will be given your free report either via download or it will show up on your screen.

    • 4

      Read the information in the free VIN check and then decide whether or not you want to buy the full car report. Keep in mind, that some car report companies will give you both a free VIN check and the car report in one. See links below for these sites.

Tips & Warnings

  • Getting a free VIN check and car report in one is an easy way to decide whether or not you need to full report. Thefts and salvage titles indicate that there could be problems down the road due to the possibility that some parts may be low quality. There may also be hidden problems with your car.
  • An absolutely free VIN check is not a replacement for a used car report. It is only basic information and is not always complete. Some thefts or salvage titles may not be reported on the free VIN check because the information comes from insurance records. If you car was not insured, the report could have never been filed.
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