How to Apply Edible Cake Images


Decorate your next cake with edible cake images for a unique and personalized treat. Edible images can be made from real photographs, artistic graphics or even artwork. Consult with a cake decorator to develop a design and transfer it to edible paper and ink. Once your image is printed, it is stored in an airtight foil package until you're ready to put it on your cake. Applying cake images can be tricky, but follow a few general guidelines to make your dessert a visual masterpiece.

Things You'll Need

  • Edible cake image
  • Cake
  • Water in a spray bottle
  • Check the Tips to see if there any particular concerns for your type of cake surface.

  • Prepare the cake for the edible image. Thaw the cake if it is frozen. Check for any irregularities on the cake surface, such as loose icing.

  • Choose a place on the cake for the image. You won't be able to move the image once it's placed, so plan carefully. Mark the spot for the image with icing or make a mental note.

  • Wash your hands with soap and water. Ensure that your hands are clean and dry before handling the edible cake image.

  • Spray a small amount of water on the cake. If the cake appears very wet or moist, allow it to dry somewhat before adding the cake image. Too much moisture will cause the colors of the edible image to run together.

  • Remove the cake image from the sealed package right before you apply the image. Place the image on a flat surface. Immediately reseal the package in case you need to store the image again.

  • Roll the image with its backing sheet over a table edge or a countertop edge. Rolling it over an edge makes it easier to remove the backing. If the image is too moist to remove, harden it by placing it in the freezer for 2 minutes.

  • Remove the backing sheet from the image. Hold the image with both hands and place it face up directly on the cake icing.

  • Smooth the edges of the image with your fingers. Remove any air bubbles by tapping the image; do not rub it with your fingers, or you will smear the image.

  • Place the cake in the refrigerator to keep the image moist and free of cracks until serving.

Tips & Warnings

  • Buttercream frosting: Apply the edible image directly after icing a cake before the frosting forms a crust.
  • Royal icing: May require a generous application of water to ensure that the image adheres to the cake.
  • Fondant: Use a brush to add water to the area where you will place the image.
  • Ice cream or non-dairy cake: Do not apply water. Allow the ice cream cake to sweat before placing the edible image on top of the cake.
  • Add cake image as soon as possible after pouring icing onto a cake. The wet icing allows the edible image to stick to the cake.
  • High and low humidity will affect the edible image. Always keep the image in the resealable bag.

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