How to Grow Juliet Tomatoes


Juliet tomatoes are a hybrid of the slightly larger Roma tomato. They have an oblong shape and a very sweet flavor. The plants grow with a very thick vine since Juliet tomatoes ripen in clusters and can become heavy for the plant. Unlike many other varieties of small tomato, the Juliet does not suffer from cracked skin when ripening in the heat and the fruit will cling to the vine long after it reaches maturity. Juliet tomatoes are a gardening favorite because they are easy to grow and develop quickly.

Things You'll Need

  • Composted manure or mulch
  • Juliet tomato seedlings
  • Water-soluble fertilizer
  • Tomato cages
  • Find an area in your garden that will give these tomatoes at least six hours of direct sunlight each day so they can grow properly.

  • Test the soil by running it through your hands. If the soil feels dry or rocky, it needs to be enriched with composted manure or mulch. Juliet tomatoes require rich, moist soil that holds water well.

  • Enrich the soil by applying a layer of composted manure or plant mulch onto the area you intend to plant your tomatoes. Work the manure or mulch directly into the soil with your hands or a garden tool to a depth of roughly two inches.

  • Dig holes in the soil deep enough to cover the root ball of your Juliet seedlings. Space the holes 18" to 20" apart if you intend to grow more than one tomato plant. This will ensure that each plant has plenty of space.

  • Place the seedlings into the holes and cover the root ball with soil. Do not leave any of the root ball exposed.

  • Water the seedlings about once a week. You may need to water more frequently in hot weather. Juliet tomatoes must be watered deeply as the soil should be moist to a depth of six inches at all times.

  • Fertilize the seedlings with a water-soluble quick-release fertilizer every two weeks.

  • Provide each of your plants with a tomato cage when they reach 12" in height. Juliet tomatoes weigh down a plant considerably due to their clumping tendency, so the plants must have proper support.

  • Harvest the tomatoes after 60 to 70 days on the vine. Juliet tomatoes tend to have a sweeter flavor the longer they are left on the vine after reaching maturity.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not use standard manure when growing tomatoes as it contains a high salt level that is unhealthy for the plants.

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