How to Play the Mario Theme Song on the Violin


Ask gamers who grew up in the 1980s what the Mario theme music was and almost all of them will be able to sing the first seven notes. At the very least, they'll know the rhythm of the music. This theme has been used since Super Mario Brothers first made its way to the Nintendo Entertainment System. Remixes have appeared in every subsequent game in the series. Playing the Mario theme song on a violin is as simple as knowing the first seven notes to pluck out, or the entire arrangement.

Things You'll Need

  • Violin
  • Mario sheet music
  • Blank staff paper

Plucking the Theme

  • Transcribe the following notes and rests to a standard Treble Clef staff: middle E, middle E, rest, middle E, rest, middle C, middle E, rest, high G, three rests, middle G, three rests. All notes should be written as quarter notes and all rests should be quarter-rests.

  • Pluck out the notes using the strings of your violin. The music being played is the start of the Mario theme song. Alter the octave of the notes if you want to make yourself more comfortable when playing the music.

  • Play the Mario Death Theme (when he loses a life) by plucking middle G, middle F, rest, three middle F's, rest, middle E, middle D, middle C.

Playing From Sheet Music

  • Visit a website that features video game sheet music. For example, has a selection of music featured in classic games such as Mario.

  • Download the song of your choice. See the Resource section to download the opening theme music of the Super Mario series.

  • Read the music fully before attempting to play. Music is often written out for piano so the notes might fall too high or too low on the scale depending on your familiarity and skill level on the violin.

  • Play the song an octave higher or lower than listed. The song has many versions and remixes, so if you do not find one that matches your style, search for more music.

  • Recruit a friend to play harmony. The added musician will increase the depth and fullness of the Mario theme music.

Tips & Warnings

  • Mario Paint for Super Nintendo featured a music editing program. One of the preloaded songs was the original Mario theme music. If you track down this game, you'll be able to add and subtract any notes you wish to create your own Mario mix.

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