How to Keep Dogs From Chewing on Wires


Sometimes, the way to train your dog to not chew on something is to remove that item from the dog's sight. However, when it comes to wires and cords, you need to make sure that your dog doesn't chew through a cord and ingest any wires. You also don't want your appliances to be damaged or become inoperable. It's extremely important to not have an exposed wire or cords outside. Your dog may think it's just a toy that's outside, but he could be electrocuted by chewing through a cord.

Things You'll Need

  • Electrical tape
  • Anti-chewing spray
  • Split wire loom
  • Cord covers
  • Adhesive-backed cord clips

Repair any cords your dog chewed on with electrical tape. It's important not to leave any open wires exposed that your dog could chew into more.

Identify any exposed wire in your house. Remove the wires so that your dog can't get to them. For example, you can use electrical tape to keep the wires behind an area so they can't be removed.

Try to correct the behavior by reprimanding you dog when you catch her in the act of chewing a cord. Slightly spank the the dog and say "No." Immediately give your dog a chew toy that is laying around and let her take the toy in her mouth. Pat the dog on the head and say "Good." Continue this action only when the dog is in the act of chewing in order to teach the dog proper chewing.

Spray an anti-chewing spray, such as Keep Off or Boundary, slightly over the cords and around the area where the exposed cords are. Such liquid sprays contain chemicals that deter your dog from trying to chew or enter an area. You can purchase these sprays from your local pet store or online, and you can also use the spray on your furniture to prevent the dog from chewing on it.

Purchase a split wire loom from your local home and garden or electronics store. A split wire loom is durable plastic tubing that you can place over any type of cable. This will protect your cables from any small bites, but still should not be chewed on by your dog if it can be prevented.

Purchase stronger insulated cord covers if the problem persists. It's important to protect the wiring and make sure your dog can't bite into a cord even before the behavior is successfully corrected. Cord covers allow you to hide your cords and in some cases, such as with wall-to-wall carpeting, you may need to run the cords beneath your carpet or flooring.

Use adhesive-backed cord clips to attach your wires to walls or furniture. This is a beneficial way to keep your wires out of reach of your dog if he is continuing to chew on the wires.

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