How to Handle Working For a Mean Boss


Working for a mean boss can be tough when you try to do the very best you can and still don't feel appreciated. Some bosses are just tough on their employees. This can be because they were taught in a strict manner themselves or because they expect nothing less than a hard dependable worker. Whatever the reason a boss can be mean, here are some tips to help you handle the situation and keep your wits about you at work. Hopefully these tricks can eventually help you to tolerate the attitude your boss gives you and do the best you can to get through the work week.

  • Don't take things personally. When a boss is mean, it can cause us to reevaluate ourselves as employees and think we did something wrong. Try not to see your boss's attitude as a negativity toward you. Sometimes, boss's are just strict and use their power to intimate others into working hard. This does not mean that you are a bad employee or should ever feel bad about your performance. If your boss has been mean since you've worked for her, chances are, it's just the way she is and nothing about you personally brings on this attitude.

  • Keep your professionalism. It's easy to get angry and defensive when you're forced to work for a mean boss. Sometimes you make think it would feel better to tell her off. But, be careful, your boss probably won't take kindly to you being rude to her in return. You must try to remain professional and courteous at all times even if it means you have to swallow your pride, and the nasty words you'd love to share with your boss. You will look so much better in the end by maintaining your professionalism even when your boss is at her meanest.

  • Kill her with kindness. Be sweet to your boss even through her worst moments. By treating your boss with kindness and respect, you are showing her that she cannot break you. You are also proving that you can still work with a good attitude in a crumby environment. Your boss may even be impressed that although she treats you poorly, you can still keep a smile on your face and react in a respectful manner toward her. Being rude to your mean boss will not get you anywhere anyway and the only other alternative to being miserable toward your boss is to treat her well and kindly.

  • Do all that is expected of you. Work hard to do the best you possibly can in your job to prove to your mean boss that you can do it. While there is no need to break your back for a job that does not treat you well, it is important to perform to the best of your abilities in a job no matter how mean your boss treats you. Providing a job well done will impress your boss, even if she is too mean to say so. Keep motivated, regardless of her poor attitude and work hard. Do what your boss expects of you and you will not have any trouble with her, even if she is a mean employer.

  • Carry a positive attitude. The best way to get through the work week with a mean boss is to stay positive. Don't let her or anyone else bring you down. Think of yourself wrapped in a plastic bubble where nothing can hurt or harm you. When your boss is mean to you, smile and think 'it's not me...she's just unhappy with herself'. In fact, many times, when others are mean, it's because they are angry with themselves or their lives. They choose to live in a miserable way and take this attitude out on others. So keep a positive attitude and think of all the other amazing aspects of your life. And smile, constantly!

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