How to Get Rid of Calcium Deposits on the Skin


Calcium under the skin is called calcinosis, which results from too much calcium in the soft tissue. The body creates the abundance of calcium because of an underlying condition like hypothyroidism or because of an injury, which triggers the calcification. These bumps on the skin may be unnoticeable or very painful and large. They secrete a milky, white substance. Fortunately, there are treatments for this illness.

See your doctor. You must first ensure that the growth is calcinosis and not another illness characterized by lesions on the skin. Have the calcium deposits properly diagnosed.

Treat the underlying illness. The doctor may find that your calcinosis is caused by an underlying condition such as hyperthyroidism or scleroderma. Treating the condition is the best way to rid the body of the calcium deposits because stopping the illness also ends the production of the excess calcium in the soft tissue.

Reduce the inflammation. Sometimes calcinosis is aggravated by inflammation. By reducing the inflammation, you will slow the buildup of excess calcium in the tissue. This could possibly stop the irritation caused by calcinosis in some cases, depending on the underlying cause. According to the Scoleroderma Foundation, colchicine is the only established treatment for calcinosis.

Have the deposit removed. Once you find the underlying caused and have reduced the inflammation, removal may be possible. A doctor will surgically remove the deposit through a small incision in the skin. Once the deposit is removed, it may not return. However, this depends on the underlying illness. In cases of scleroderma, the deposits will return, as they are a symptom of that particular illness.

Speak to your doctor about experimental drug therapy studies for persistent cases. Drugs like warfarin and minocycline are in the testing phase as drugs to treat calcinosis. However, cases of large calcium deposits on the skin may not respond to experimental drug therapies. Your doctor may be able to recommend and introduce you to a calcinosis drug treatment trial. However, this is not a certain cure for the illness because the drug could fail or you could get a placebo.

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