How to Obtain a Corporate Seal for a Corporation


In boroughs, common seals impressed a mark on official documents. A modern corporate seal indicates the authority to authenticate a document. If you have decided to place a seal on a deed or a stock certificate, you can obtain one with a plan and careful preparation.

Things You'll Need

  • Company directory or listing
  • Envelope
  • Design a seal. Take a look at seals at a stationary company or an office supply company where you will buy the seal. Once you have your idea decided, design the seal. Make your choices on size, shape, letters and image. The company's legal name, year and state of formation appear on the seal.

    Draw the seal by hand. If you prefer the experience of an artist or craftsman, ask for a design drawing or print.

  • Choose a style. You have a few styles to choose from. Steel embossers make a firm impression. A corporate seal rubber stamp impresses a good image. Self-seal envelopes and tamper seals are ready-made for documents.

    Consider a corporate kit. The kit includes a corporate seal, blank stock certificates and forms for by-law adoption and meeting minute records. If the kits are a considerable option, take a look at the seals in a kit while visiting the company.

  • Choose a type. Choosing a type completes the seal selection. Embossers come in pocket, electric, automatic, cast iron desk, desk and long reach desk. A rubber stamp can come with an ink pad, or you can choose a self-inking stamp.

  • Make a print. From your drawing or print, make a print for the order. If you know the company, you can choose the original.

  • Carry the seal order to your chosen stationary company or office supply company. If visiting is impractical, send the order by mail in a sealed envelope. Pay for the order. The company may have you pick up the seal from them, or they may mail the seal to you.

Tips & Warnings

  • Design the seal patiently. The seal will last for the duration of the business.

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