How to Protect a Cat From Weed Killers


Weed killers are designed to be poisonous to plants and, unfortunately, the same chemicals that make them deadly to unwanted weeds can also put pets in danger. You can keep your cat safe from weed- killing chemicals by changing your weed-control methods or choosing a method to keep kitty away from the poison.

Things You'll Need

  • Chicken wire
  • Organic weed killer
  • Vinegar
  • Cat repellents, such as garlic or lemon oil
  • Keep the cat inside during spraying. If the only cat you have to worry about is your own, keep kitty inside whenever you are planning to spray herbicides on weeds. Don't let her into the yard again until the weeds are dead and have been removed, the area has been flushed with water, and a couple days have passed.

  • Fence off sprayed areas. Create a chicken wire cage around the area of the yard that you've sprayed. Make sure that the cage is large enough that no plant leaves or grass stick out and kitty can't reach in with his paw and pull greens through to eat.

  • Use a pet-safe weed killer instead of a standard poison. Use a certified organic weed control method or use a homemade, pet-safe remedy to kill weeds, such as vinegar or boiling water. You may also use salt, but only if you don't want any vegetation to grow in this area again.

  • Place repellents and attractants in the yard to keep kitty away from sprayed areas. Apply lemon oil to the affected area, or use other substances most cats naturally detest, such as ammonia, vinegar, garlic or perfume. For more aggressive repellent, purchase synthetic "predator urine" repellents from your local garden store. Meanwhile, draw the cat to different parts of your yard by placing a few catnip plants or cat grass.

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