How to Use Gold Dust in Majora's Mask


In "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mark," you use gold dust to obtain the gilded sword, which is three times more powerful than the kokiri sword you start with. Unlike the razor sword, which you get by paying the blacksmiths 100 rupees, the gilded sword will not go dull after 100 strikes and will last beyond the three-day cycle. It's generally recommended that you obtain the gilded sword when you complete the Snowhead Temple, even if it takes you multiple attempts.

Things You'll Need

  • Gold dust
  • 100 rupees
  • Razor sword
  • Goron mask
  • Using your ocarina, play the "Song of Time" to start a new three-day cycle--this is your "time machine" in Majora's Mask and essential to play. You'll need as much time as you can get to complete the tasks necessary to obtain the gilded sword.

  • Go directly to the Snowhead Temple, defeat Goht and unfreeze the Goron Village.

  • Give the blacksmiths the 100 rupees and kokiri sword so they can produce the razor sword, which you will later upgrade to the gilded sword.

  • Go to the Goron racetrack wearing the Goron mask. You must win first place in the race against the Gorons in order to get the gold dust. If you fail, try again. It is the only way to get a bottle of gold dust.

  • Once you have the gold dust, exit the Goron racetrack and head over to the blacksmiths shop. Get the razor sword, then give it back with the gold dust. This will allow them to sharpen it into the more powerful and permanent gilded sword.

  • Wait 24 hours (game time) before returning to the blacksmiths shop to obtain your new gilded sword. If you play the "Song of Time" or run out the clock (thus returning to Day One) before getting the sword, your progress will be lost and you'll have to start over.

Tips & Warnings

  • To slow time, you can play the "Song of Time" backward. This will give you extra leeway when racing the Gorons. To speed up time while you are waiting for the blacksmiths to work their magic, play each note of the "Song of Time" twice.
  • The gold dust will disappear from your bottle if you return to Day One.

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