How to Keep a Dog Inside a Yard Fence


Your dog can get lost, injured or killed, if it escapes from your fenced-in yard. If it creates a problem with a neighbor or causes any damages or injuries, you are responsible and your pet can be impounded or euthanized. Learning how to keep your dog in your yard is important. The steps required depend on your current fence and how your dog is getting out.

Things You'll Need

  • 9 gauge wire
  • Wood boards
  • Tent stakes
  • Pea gravel or railroad ties
  • Fence extension kits
  • Electric hot wire kit
  • Electric underground fence
  • Anti-jumping harness

Exercise your dog and have it neutered to decrease the animal's instinct to roam. Supervise your dog when it is in the fenced yard, if possible. Keep time outside limited to decrease your dog's interest in escaping.

Check your fence for damage. Replace broken latches, gates or locks. Weave 9 gauge wires and twist the ends to secure and repair holes or gaps that are large enough for your dog to fit through. Replace damaged wood and nails or wire new boards in wooden fences.

Drive tent stakes every 8 inches to secure the bottom of fence into the ground. Place pea gravel 2 inches thick and 4 inches wide at base of fence to prevent digging, or line the fence bottom with railroad ties.

Install a fence inward-leaning extension kit or run electric hot wire on the inside 6 inches from the top to prevent climbing dogs. Fence leaning extension kits attach to existing fence caps. Installation varies so follow the manufacturer instructions. Attach electric hot wire connectors to fence polls and run wire through each connector. You can purchase electric hot wires that operate through outdoor electrical plug or with a battery.

Prevent jumping dogs by replacing the fence with one that is at least 6 feet high or use fence-height extenders that attach to existing fence polls, or use an electric underground fence and collar as a backup to regular yard fencing. Follow manufacturer instructions for your type of fence. Place the underground fence at least 4 feet inside the regular fence. Put an anti-jumping harness on your dog if it is only in the yard for short periods of time.

Tips & Warnings

  • Watch your dog for a few weeks after fence improvements as dogs that used to only climb or dig out may try new escape options. It may be necessary to try some preventive measures for both climbing and digging.

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