How to Cope with Night Sweats


Night sweats are basically excessive sweating at night. There can be a variety of causes for night sweats, ranging from a bedroom that is too warm, to fever, to tuberculosis or HIV.

Menopause night sweats are very common in middle aged women and are one of the most common causes of hot flashes and night sweats.

Because night sweats can be a sign of underlying disease, if you suffer from frequent night sweats you should see a doctor.

Meanwhile, here are some suggestions to help you cope with night sweats and get a good night sleep.

Avoid sleeping naked. It makes sense, if you are hot, that wearing no clothes will prevent you from sweating; but, if you sleep naked the sweat has nowhere to go except your sheets. You will wake up drenched in a soaking wet bed and will have to change the sheets before you can go back to sleep. So, by all means, if you are having excessive night sweating, put on some pajamas.

Avoid cotton pajamas. When you have a night sweat, the moisture will saturate the pajamas, but then the evaporation will cause you to suddenly get cold. You will wake up and have to change your wet pajamas before you go back to sleep.

Avoid silky, 100% polyester pajamas. These types of fabrics are not absorbant and the sweat has nowhere to go. It will just remain on your skin. You will wake up a cold, wet mess.

Sleep well in a garment that will keep you warm while wet. This can be a polyester knit thermal underwear, such as polypropylene, or sleepwear especially designed for night sweats. Sometimes called menopause pajamas, this night sweats sleepwear is made of moisturing-wicking fabric. These fabrics wick sweat away from your skin, and also keep you warm while the fabric is wet. Both the pajamas and the polypropylene underwear will do the same thing, allowing you to sleep through your night sweats for a good night sleep.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep a cool glass of water next to your bed to drink in case you wake up. Replacing fluids lost by sweating will help you sleep better.
  • Consider purchasing special cooling sheets made of Tencel fabric.
  • You can use exercise wear for sleeping, as it will perform the same wicking action as described above, allowing you to sleep through your night sweats.
  • See a doctor if you are having recurrent nighttime sweating. Night sweats can be a sign of disease or immune system dysfunction.

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